Thermo Therapy Dry Heat Unit w/10-12 Lbs. Celstim

Complete Medical Supplies, Inc. DS2


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  • Thermo-therapy describes a process of granulated or ground cellulose - Celstim - particles being help in animated suspension by heated air blowing through a screen/filter and held captive by a housing and flexible velcro tightening sleeves
  • This process allows for a hand wrist foot ankle and on larger units the lower leg to be immersed in the Celstim medium
  • This treatment gently and warmly massages the extremities resulting in improved circulation faster wound healing and overall comfort
  • Models are all shipped with Celstim included and operating instructions
  • On all models the rear panel can be removed to facilitate the addition or removal of Celstim
  • TT101: Smaller unit designed to go on a table stand or floor and has single entry ports both with velcro tightening sleeves
  • Noise-reduced variable speed blower (0-1720 rpm) and 900W finned heater
  • Thermostatically-controlled heater can quickly provide Celstim
  • Treatment time is controlled by a built-in electronic timer