ThermaZone Therapeutic Relief Back/Abdomen Pad

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  • For use with #2489 only
  • Back/Abdomen relief pad is specifically engineered to provide the ideal combination of pressure and temperature to the targeted area
  • The Back/Abdomen relief pad delivers cooling and heating therapy to those who may experience chronic and acute back injuries
  • Its design to relieve tension or pain in the lower back region along with reducing bruising and swelling caused from post-operative surgical procedures in the abdominal region
  • Brings cool and hot relief to the back and abdominal area
  • Treats individuals who seek relief from a back injury back pain sore back muscle pain tight muscles or lower back pains
  • The comfort of the back/abdomen relief pad brings soothing relief to the bruising and swelling that may occur after post-operative back surgery or liposuction operation