Student Monocular Microscope w/Mech. Stage & Fluor. Illum

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  • Model 3088FúMS
  • Head: Monocular
  • Stage: Mechanical stage w / low position controls
  • Diaphram: Iris
  • Illumination: 5 watt flourescent
  • Crisp Images Student Proof Design: Designed to provide educators with a high performance student proof instrument at an affordable price the 3088F Series is an excellent choice for high schools middle schools technical institutes hobbyists and home school applications
  • Available with a choice of either a rechargeable LED or 5 watt fluorescent illumination system
  • Each eyepiece is locked-in to prevent classroom tampering but remains rotatable for easy use of the included eyepiece pointer
  • Objectives are also secured in place to prevent accidental or unwanted removal
  • Fast becoming the more popular version our 3088-LED models feature a variable rechargeable LED illumination system allowing for you to use the microscope where ever you want -- no cord required! Each microscope will work for approximately 30 to 40 hours on a single charge
  • Our mechanical stage is a true mechanical stage -- not an attachable one -- providing the user with ergonomic low position coaxial controls
  • As an added benefit all of our mechanical stage configurations also include an iris diaphragm giving the user even more control over making adjustments to the light settings
  • As an option our 3088F Series can be supplied with a 100xR oil achromat objective
  • This requires a specific configuration with an N.A. 1.25 abbe condenser
  • Models with a 100x objective are supplied under our catalog numbers 3089F and 3089-LED
  • Optical System: DIN Optical System f = 160mm
  • Viewing Head: Monocular or dual inclined teaching head inclined 45øand 360ø rotatable
  • Eyepieces: WF10x eyepiece 18mm field of view with pointer
  • Eyepieces are locked-in to prevent classroomtampering
  • Nosepiece: Rear facing three-hole ball bearing nosepiece with positive click stops to ensure parcentration
  • A quadruple nosepiece is provided on 3089F and 3089-LED models
  • Objectives: Standard configuration includes DIN achromat 4x 10xand 40xR* objectives
  • 3089F and 3089-LED models will also include a 100xR oil* objective -- (*spring-loaded)
  • Stage: Stage size 119mm X 119mm with stage clips or factory installed double-plate mechanical stage with low position controls and iris diaphragm
  • Condenser: N.A. 0.65 condenser with five aperture disc or iris diaphragm depending on the model
  • An N.A
  • Optional Accessories: Dual inclined teaching head
  • WF15x and WF20x eyepieces
  • 20xR 60xR and 100xR oil objectives
  • Mirror and fork
  • Microscope carry case
  • Miscellaneous: Microscope Dimensions (LWH): 229mm x 162mm x 381mm
  • Physical weight: 7 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty for parts labor and electronic components
  • 1 year warranty on LED bulb