Jay Care Back 16 W x 18 H

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  • Wheelchair back with lateral support and angle adjustability designed for fixed kyphotic postures
  • The JAY© Care wheelchair back was designed to accommodate a client with a fixed kyphotic thoracic spine by providing built-in lateral support 39ø of angle adjustability and a customizable foam insert in a contoured shell *Soft Segmented Foam
  • The Care's soft foam insert is segmented making it easy to cut away and modify to accommodate unique needs and shapes *This ability to customize reduces peak pressures and increases comfort helping to prevent skin breakdown specifically along the spine *HCPCS Code E2615 *Width Range 15 to 20 Height 16.5 to 19
  • Product Weight 4.5 lbs *Weight Capacity 250 lbs *Hardware Options 4-Point *Hardware Angle Adjustability 39ø *Hardware Width Adjustability +2
  • Wheelchair Frame Tubing Compatibility 7/8 and 1
  • Headrest Mount Available *Shell: Durable molded contoured *Lateral Contour Support: 4
  • Foam Insert: Soft segmented *Outer Cover: Stretch