Jay J2 Deep Countour Cushion 18 x 16

Complete Medical Supplies, Inc. DS2


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  • 18 x 16
  • Designed for the client who has moderate to more aggressive postural needs
  • Provides excellent lateral stability as well as forward/rearward stability
  • Provides a stable base support
  • A firm anatomically correct deep contoured foam base creates a foundation for postural stability
  • The foam is closed-cell and extremely lightweight
  • The base and fluid pad can be modified/customized on site to accommodate fixed postures or to correct flexible postures
  • Modifications can support changing needs over time
  • Optional solid seat inserts provide extra postural stability discouraging the cushion from slinging with the chair upholstery
  • Optional solid drop seat is permanently attached to the bottom of the cushion replacing wheelchair upholstery promoting a level-sitting platform when lower seat heights are required
  • Most suitable for the client who is at the highest level of risk for skin breakdown or who has very poor skin integrity
  • The 3D Jay FlowTM fluid TripadTM in combination with the softer foam overlay conforms to bony prominences distributing pressure more evenly and reducing peak pressures
  • The 3D Jay FlowTM fluid TripadTM design assists with maintaining fluid under the at-risk bony areas
  • NOTE: Includes an ultra-lightweight pre-contoured foam base a pre-contoured deep immersion 3D Jay FlowTM TripadTM and a zipper enclosed ballistic-edge cover