StairMaster StairClimber¾ 5 w/10 TS w/NTSC TV Tuner

Complete Medical Supplies, Inc. DS2


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  • Stairclimber 5 Stepper
  • Handrails are ergonomically designed which means users experience a natural movement that minimizes impact
  • Quieter step design improves fluidity of stepping motion and provides added cushion for joints
  • One-piece soft pedals offer the ultimate in stepping comfort
  • Independent pedal geometry with four-bar linkage keeps pedals level ensuring a safe biomechanically correct movement
  • Water bottle holder and accessory tray
  • Polar© compatible Telemetry Heart Rate monitoring* Electronially-controlled alternator with chain drive precisely controls the pedal descent allowing a wide range of users to exercise smoothly within their comfort zones
  • Cordless-Battery charger included
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • TSE-1 Console has 10 touch screen console with integrated TV tuner
  • Attractive and intuitive LCD display
  • Integrated TV tuner allows television viewing during workout
  • Landmark Challenge engages users as they watch their progress up well-known landmarks from around the world