GenuTrain Active Knee Brace

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Size: 3 * Measure 4.75" below the knee: 13.375" -14.625" * Measure 5.5" above the knee: 17.375"-18.5" * Comfortable lightweight support ideal for rehabilitation therapy and post-operative care * Built-in donning aid makes it easy to put on with little effort using just two fingers * Flexible spiral stays make sure the support does not lose its shape * The active knit at the hollow of the knee is very fine making it gentle on the sensitive skin there * The compression applied by the support eases off at the elasticated edges making it comfortable to wear * The high elasticity molds itself to the shape of your leg ensuring a secure fit * The breathable Train active knit is gentle on your skin and regulates moisture levels, creating a pleasant climate around the leg * Titanium (gray) *