GenuTrain Active Knee Support

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  • GenuTrain P3 relieves pain caused by misalignment of the kneecap (patellar lateralization) femoropatellar pain syndrome (anterior knee pain) or pain associated with patellar tip syndrome
  • The active support with its two integral pressure cushions (pads) and a corrective strap stabilizes the position of the kneecap and activates the musculature thereby accelerating the healing process
  • Secure kneecap guidance
  • Relieves knee pain
  • Breathable Train Active Knit for high wearing comfort
  • P3 stands for permanent patella protection - because the GenuTrain P3 protects the patella (kneecap) during each and every movement
  • Together with a corrective strap the integral ring-shaped pad prevents any drifting while a second wedge-shaped pad also acts to relieve both pressure and pain
  • GenuTrain P3 exerts intermittent compression thereby accelerating the reabsorption of edema and effusions
  • The sense of security during load-bearing is improved and muscular stabilization is achieved for the joint
  • The GenuTrain P3 active support is ideal for use in sport. It shortens the regeneration period and enables training to be resumed more quickly
  • The extra stretchy knit also plays a part here with features including a softer zone behind the knee reduced pressure at the edges breathable materials and an anatomically contoured shape
  • The skin is kept pleasantly cool and nothing digs in
  • Femoropatellar pain syndrome (chondropathy chondromalacia) Patellar lateralization (dislocation tendency) After lateral release surgery: Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Proper fit needs to be measured in two places: 17cm above the knee and 15cm below the knee
  • This size fits 48cm to 51cm above the knee and from 37cm to 40cm below the knee *
  • Comfortable lightweight support ideal for rehabilitation therapy and post-operative care
  • Built-in donning aid makes it easy to put on with little effort using just two fingers
  • Flexible spiral stays make sure the support does not lose its shape
  • The active knit at the hollow of the knee is very fine making it gentle on the sensitive skin there
  • The compression applied by the support eases off at the elasticated edges making it comfortable to wear
  • The high elasticity molds itself to the shape of your leg ensuring a secure fit
  • The breathable Train active knit is gentle on your skin and regulates moisture levels creating a pleasant climate around the leg
    Size: 0
  • Measure 4.75 below the knee: 9.875 -11
  • Measure 5.5 above the knee: 13.75 -15 Size: 1
  • Measure 4.75 below the knee: 11 -12.25
  • Measure 5.5 above the knee: 15 -16.125 Size: 2
  • Measure 4.75 below the knee: 12.25 -13.375
  • Measure 5.5 above the knee: 16.125 -17.375 Size: 3
  • Measure 4.75 below the knee: 13.375 -14.625
  • Measure 5.5 above the knee: 17.375 -18.5 Size: 4
  • Measure 4.75 below the knee: 14.625 -15.75
  • Measure 5.5 above the knee: 18.5 -19.75 Size: 5
  • Measure 4.75 below the knee: 15.75 -17
  • Measure 5.5 above the knee: 19.75 -20.875 Size: 6
  • Measure 4.75 below the knee: 17 -18.125
  • Measure 5.5 above the knee: 20.875 -22 Size: 7
  • Measure 4.75 below the knee: 18.125 -19.25
  • Measure 5.5 above the knee: 22 -23.25