Eclipse Power Cartridge 195 Watt-Hr for Sequal Eclipse

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  • This replacement power cartridge is designed for use with all Eclipse Oxygen Concentrators
  • Power cartridges can be quickly switched out of the Eclipse so that you can extend your time away from regular power sources
  • Each power cartridge will deliver up to 4 hours of Continuous Flow Therapy or 5 hours of Pulse Dose Therapy depending on flow rate and settings
  • This updated cartridge (with the black button) features an intuitive downward release
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all Eclipse 1 2 3 & 5 Series Oxygen Concentrators
  • CHARGING: All Eclipse Concentrators will charge Power Cartridges in the unit when using AC power
  • Eclipse 5 Concentrators will charge Power Cartridges in the unit when using DC power (older Eclipse concentrators can NOT charge a Power Cartridge from DC power)
  • Power Cartridges can also be charged externally using the Eclipse Desktop Charger
  • CALIBRATION: For best performance SeQual recommends calibrating batteries once a month
  • To calibrate a battery it should be fully discharged and then fully recharged
  • For complete instructions on care and operation of your SeQual Eclipse and Eclipse Power Cartridges see your oxygen concentrator manual
  • HCPCS Code: E1356