Beasy Trans 40 L

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  • Beasy Trans 40 Long
  • The Beasy Trans longer length accommodates transfers in areas where space is not an issue and is ideal for transfers from a wheelchair into an automobile seat
  • Sliding disk greatly reduces friction and reduces the risk of skin breakdown and back injury
  • This model has been used successfully in boosting or repositioning patients in bed
  • Providing users with a safe comfortable and dignified way to transfer from bed to wheelchair from wheelchair to commode or shower seat to a car and back again
  • The secret is a circular seat gliding on a track that supports the userÊs weight as the transfer occurs
  • The systems are rated at 400 lbs. (and more!)
  • BeasyTrans Systems have not only prevented serious injuries caused by traditional means of transferring but have enabled patients to be more independent
  • Since there is no lifting involved the risks of back and brachial plexus type injuries are eliminated with proper use
  • The BeasyTrans is made in the U.S.A. of revolutionary polymers
  • HCPCS Suggested Code: E1399